The Artist

From a small work studio, Chicago-based artist Bryan Sperry has created a small army of Warriors of the Apocalypse. His twenty strong (so far) army of futuristic warriors are replete with illicit weaponry, from grenades to blades, from guns to gas masks.

These highly decorated soldiers are constructed from mannequin forms and found objects, which the artist quite meticulously selects from a myriad of depots. This ensemble of futuristic warriors includes sirens, ninjas, shape-shifters, cyborgs, battalion chiefs, black ops specialists, a highly decorated general and more.

Sperry states ‘‘The warriors are to protect myself and humanity from the tribulations of a one-world government and a one-world bank – they are to protect civilization from greed, government, power, politics and economic slavery.’’ Each warrior is a highly-chiseled, well constructed, super-strength soldier – hand-crafted from its original mannequin base. Through acute attention to detail, each sculpture is unique to its individual purpose.

All materials used in the construction process are archival as a demonstration of what Sperry considers ‘‘their immortal quest’’ – a well-placed hand for a well-placed blow.

Every warrior has been constructed to fulfill a different purpose, each independent from the other, yet still demonstrating its primary purpose – to protect humanity.